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Research & Knowledge | Overview

Dear Stakeholder

2017/18 PROVINCIAL STAKEHOLDER SSP RESEARCH CONSULTATION WORKSHOPS IN SIX (6) PROVINCES TETA is currently updating its Sector Skills Plan (SSP) for 2017/18. As part of this process, it is necessary to consult with stakeholders to obtain insight into skills needs within the sector.

Therefore TETA intends on holding Stakeholder SSP research consultation workshops. These workshops are aimed at addressing TETA’s strategic goal 1.2(c) of “2017/18” Number of Provincial stakeholder SSP research consultation workshops conducted” by: - Producing a Transport Sector Profile, Identifying key skills issues, subsector Scarce and Critical Skills report, and Sector Partnerships. - Ensuring that there is accurate identification of skills gaps with supporting evidence. - Identifying Occupational mismatches with supporting evidence and soliciting the views of stakeholders who have good knowledge and understanding of skill needs in their respective sub-sector. It is a high level session that requires insightful information from stakeholders in order to update Sector Skills Plan.

The workshops will bring leaders together(captains), planning and development professionals in the Transport Sector to discuss how research should be carried out to effectively service the industry’s skills needs, this is key in generating new knowledge and information towards technological advancement and growth of the Transport Industry in South Africa. In order to maximize the quality and richness of knowledge collected during these series of events; we sincerely ask that participating organization take note and consider the following as they each nominate candidates:

1. We encourage that the participants have the authority to provide information regarding institution’s skills developments performance (especially if it is classified as an employer)
2. Organisations are allowed to send more than one participant to the workshop
3. The participants must at least have two years’ experience in the current management position, or similar position in the previous institution
4. Where a participant is nominated, the participant should NOT be pared with his/her immediate superior (unless it is to satisfy criterion number 5 below)
5. If more than one participant is sent, at least one of them should be a female participant
6. Participants will be allowed to speak any of the 11 official language (provided that this is stated upfront) In this respect, you are cordially invited to attend our focus group workshops that will be held as follows:

DATE 11 April 2017 TIME 09H30 TO 17H00 PROVINCE Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth) VENUE To be announced

DATE 12 April 2017 TIME 09H30 TO 17H00 PROVINCE Western Cape (Cape Town) VENUE To be announced

DATE 19 April 2017 TIME 09H30 TO 17H00 PROVINCE Freestate (Bloemfontein) VENUE To be announced

DATE 20 April 2017 TIME 09H30 TO 17H00 PROVINCE Kwazulu – Natal (Durban) VENUE To be announced

DATE 25 April 2017 TIME 09H30 TO 17H00 PROVINCE Mpumalanga (Nelspruit) VENUE To be announced

DATE 12 May 2017 TIME 09H30 TO 17H00 PROVINCE Gauteng (Johannesburg) VENUE To be announced

We firmly believe that you have a good knowledge of skills needs in your respective subsector.

The workshops provide an opportune moment for knowledge-sharing and data collection towards producing an excellent SSP. TETA would like to make an appeal to you as a valued stakeholder to attend the workshops and support TETA in this endeavour. All the RSVPs should be directed to Research & Knowledge Unit Administrator, Mr Matsemela Moloi on or before 04th April 2017 Email: Look forward to meeting you at the workshop.

Click here to download the RSVP Form for 2017 Provincial Stakeholder SSP Research Consultation Workshops

TETA Sector Skills Plan (SSP) download 2016/17
Click here to download SSP Presentation 1
Click here to download SSP Presentation 2
Click here to download the Critical Skills document
Click here to download the Scarce Skills document
Click here to download Annexure 1
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Sector Skills Plan 2014/15
TETA Sector Skills Plan (SSP) download 2013/14

Research and Knowledge is a newly established division comprising of two sub-units, namely research and libraries reporting directly to Research and Knowledge Manager.

The main goal of Research and Knowledge division is to generate labour market information that will provide evidence for the development of appropriate skills development programmes in the transport sector. In order to successfully to do this, the division will employ the following strategies:

  • Commission and manage research to inform Sector Skills Plans and other TETA research related programmes.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of these programmes on the beneficiaries
  • Establish partnerships, collaboration and networks between TETA subsector industries and institutions of higher learning in South Africa and abroad

Unit Contact Details:

011 577 7000

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