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ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance) | Overview

Functions of Education and Training Quality Assurance Bodies

An Education and Training Quality Assurance Body shall-
  1. Accredit constituent providers for specific standards or qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework;
  2. promote quality amongst constituent providers;
  3. monitor provision by constituent providers;
  4. evaluate assessment and facilitation of moderation among constituent providers;
  5. register constituent assessors for specified registered standards or qualifications in terms of the criteria established for this purpose;
  6. take responsibility for the certification of constituent learners;
  7. co-operate with the relevant body or bodies appointed to moderate across Education and Training Quality Assurance Bodies including but not limited to, moderating the quality assurance on specified standards or qualifications for which one or more Education and Training Quality Assurance Bodies are accredited;
  8. recommend new standards or qualifications to National Standards Bodies for consideration, or modifications to existing standards or qualifications to National Standards Bodies for consideration; maintain a data-base acceptable to the Authority;
  9. Submit reports to the Authority in accordance with the requirements of the Authority, and perform such other functions as may from time-to-time be assigned to it by the Authority.

- TETA ETQA Reaccreditation until 2016

- Acts and Regulations (hyperlinked to SAQA) {see SAQA Annx 1}

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