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The road freight industry covers both public and private transportation such as trucks moving freight to and from the airports; to and from rail; and, from pipeline distribution centres to petrol stations. As an element of an integrated freight logistics supply chain it is also integral to the implementation of the Freight Logistics Strategy.

The key players in the sector are:

  • bulk transport carriers,
  • retail fleets,
  • removal companies
  • Courier companies.
  • Waste Management

Classified under following sic codes

  • 71230 - Freight Transport by Road
  • 94004 - Waste Management

Of the approximately 3000 companies registered, 400 companies that participate in skills development initiatives, the chamber represents a workforce of plus minus 70 000 employees.

This industry deals with the daily movement of freight and has recently experienced an increase in the volume of goods transported between production sites or ports and markets. It is estimated that 80% of all freight carried out in this country is done by road. The road freight market totals about 640 million tonnes of traffic per annum.

The unions & major associations as well as authorities that represent employees & employees and operating in the sub-sector are:

  • South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union (SATAWU)
  • Motor Transport Workers’ Union (MTWU)
  • Professional Transport Workers Union (PTWU)
  • Transport and Allied Workers’ Union (TAWUSA)
  • Road Freight Employers Association (RFEA)
  • South African Express Parcel’s Association (SAEPA)
  • Road Freight Association (RFA)
  • African Trucking Association (ATA)
  • South African Owner Driver Empowerment Federation (SAODEF)

Road Freight Scope of Operation

  • Development and implementation of the Chamber skills plan (Critical and Scarce Skills)
  • Facilitate high Quality Education and Training Delivery in the Workplace
  • Evaluation and Approval of Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) and Annual Training Plans (ATR)
  • Evaluation and Approval of Discretionary Grants
  • Disbursement of Grants (Mandatory & Discretionary)
  • Monitoring execution of Education, Training and Development (ETD) activities in the subsector (via WSP & DGs)
  • Informing standards generation and qualifications registration
  • Reporting on TETA operations
  • Reporting – DOE 2B schedule; TETA Operations, Chamber Committee Structure,
  • Liaison & Networking with:
    - RFA
    - ILO
    - National Skills Fund
    - Department of Transport
    - Department of Labour
    - Organised Employer & Employee Bodies
    - Training Providers
    - Other SETAs

Key Chamber Objectives

  • Development and implementation of the Chamber Skills Plan (Critical and Scare Skills)
  • Facilitate high Quality Education and Training Delivery in the Workplace
  • Approval of Workplace Skills Plans (WSP), Annual Training Plans (ATR) & Discretionary Grants
  • Disbursement of SDL & DG Grants
  • Monitoring of Education, Training and Development (ETD) activities
  • Deliver & Achieve Training as set out by DoL SLA
  • Capacitate Stakeholders on NSDS
  • Increase Stakeholder participation
  • Increase SMME participation

Staff Contacts




Ms Dikeledi Mosalo

Executive Officer

011 577 7186
083 228 3505

Khaya Ngubane

ETD Practitioner

073 205 1196
011 577 7079

Ms Tshitshi Mhlongo

Assistant ETD Practitioner

011 577 7061

Ms Nokuthula Nyambose

Contract Administrator

011 577 7083

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