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Transport & Maritime stakeholders are advised of the public verification process for the below-mentioned draft qualifications. Each qualification contains two documents (i.e. contents of Curriculum & External Assessment):

  • Able Seafarer Deck and Fishing
  • Able Seafarer Engine
  • Fishing Deck Officer (aka, Ship's Officer) comprising:
    • Fishing Deck Officer <24m
    • Fishing Deck Officer >24m
  • Marine Engineer (aka, Ship's Engineer) comprising:
    • Fishing Chief Engineer
    • Fishing Chief Engineer <3000kW
    • Port Operations Chief Engineer
    • Port Operations Chief Engineer <1500kW
    • Fishing Second Engineer
    • Marine Motorman Higher Grade
    • Marine Motorman Grade 1
    • Marine Motorman Grade 2
  • Ship's Master, comprising:
    • Ship's Master Near Coastal <200GT
    • Ship's Master <200GT
    • Ship's Mate <500GT
    • Ship's Master <500GT
    • Ship's Mate Near Coastal
    • Ship's Master Near Coastal <500GT

Closing date for comments is 14 June 2015 ; please send your comments to

150530-EAS-Able Seafarer Deck and Fishing
150530-EAS-Able Seafarer Engine
150530-EAS-Fishing Deck Officer
150530-EAS-Marine Engineer
150530-EAS-Ship's Master
150530-Final Curricula-Able Seafarer Deck and Fishing
150530-Final Curricula-Able Seafarer Engine
150530-Final Curricula-Fishing Deck Officer
150601-Final Curricula-Marine Engineer
150530-Final Curricula-Ship's Master

The Chamber operates in the environment of ocean and coastal shipping, ocean and coastal fishing, port activities and associated land-based activities.

  • Develop and improve skills within the Maritime Industry.
  • Promote, co-ordinate and monitor high quality education and training in the sector - this is done taking cognisance of both international requirements (in particular those relating to the licensing of international seafarer) as well as the local environment in which learning is delivered.
  • Facilitate a framework of learning which promotes access to, and recognition of, learning in the workplace.
  • Represent the interests of all stakeholders in the sector equitably and transparently.

From the approximately 115 companies that participate in skills development initiatives (mandatory grants, discretionary or SMME Strategy), the Chamber represents a workforce of 13 650 employees drawn mainly from the port authorities, the fishing and the merchant shipping sub-sectors.

Organisations We Engage With:


  • Seafarers Employers Organisation
  • South African Pelagic Fish Producers Association
  • South African Deep-sea Trawl Association
  • National Ports Authority
  • Marine Industry Association South Africa


  • South African Transport & Allied Workers Union
  • United Transport & Allied Trade Unions
  • National Certificated Fish & Allied Workers Union

Statutory Bodies

  • SAMSA (South African Marine Safety Authority)
  • NDOT (National Department Of Transport)
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