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The role of the Company Secretariat concerns four main areas viz. the Board, the organisation, the Shareholder and other Stakeholders. The Company Secretariat is corporate governance knowledge manager within the organisation (with respect to decisions of the Board and its Committees, liaison between the Board and the Shareholder, liaison between the CEO and the Chairperson of the Board, etc). The Company Secretariat provides the Board as a whole and members individually with detailed guidance as to how their responsibilities should be properly discharged in the best interests of TETA. This includes providing guidance on law, applicable rules, ethics, good governance and regulations and practice.

The Unit is pivotal to ensuring that the members of the Board adhere to the highest governance standards as detailed in the PFMA and the King Report. The following roles are attributed to the Company Secretariat:
  • Keep Chairperson informed and follow up tasks delegated by Board.
  • Ensure proper and orderly conduct of Board meetings and Board Committee meetings.
  • Liaison with Chairperson of Board and/or committee(s) on agenda planning, meeting packs and procedures which are relevant to TETA’s business imperatives.
  • Review all legislative, regulatory developments and advise Board.
  • Compliance
  • Assist with compilation of TETA’s annual report.
  • Administration of Meetings (logistics and minute taking).
  • Ensuring that Board procedures and rules (such as quorum, disclosure of interests) are followed.

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Arthur Maisela, Adv

Company Secretary

011 577 7096

Lindiwe Tindleni

Company Secretariat Administration

011 577 7100


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