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Overview of the Programmes Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

  • Consistent with the Government Wide Monitoring & Evaluation Policy Framework and Treasury regulations, TETA has formally established the Programmes Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PM & E) and adopted the Monitoring & Evaluation framework.
  • The aim of the TETA M&E framework is to establish a unified, coherent and integrated framework for monitoring and evaluation of performance and service delivery within the organisation.
  • The primary focus of the TETA PM&E framework is on the performance and impact of TETA and its stakeholders.
  • Consistence in performance monitoring measured periodically during the year and at the end of each year through a system of performance measures against predetermined targets.

PM&E Key Objectives and Framework

  • To establish a unified, coherent & integrated framework for monitoring & evaluation of performance & service delivery in the TETA & its stakeholders
  • To support regular audits of non-financial performance information in the organisation
  • To establish systems and processes addressing the following:
    • Integration of performance information structures and systems within existing management processes and systems;
    • Definitions and technical standards of all the information collected by the institution;
    • Processes for identifying, collecting, collating, verifying and storing information;
    • Use of information in managing results;
    • Publication of performance information.
    • Sustained improvement in programme planning, budgeting and implementation management through enhanced evidence-based learning
    • Evidence-based accountability to political & financial authorities & to the stakeholders
    • Collection, analysis & use evidence-based monitoring information to inform, improve learning & results
    • Capacity building initiatives to build capacity for TETA & foster a culture of governance & decision making which uses M&E information

Areas of PM&E

  • Strategic planning process;
  • Annual Performance Plan process ;
  • Operational Plan process ;
  • Stakeholder performance and service delivery;
  • Supply Chain Performance,
  • Periodic programmes and Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Quarterly progress and Annual Reporting
  • Administration of Ad Hoc projects/activities.

Unit Contact Details:

Manager - 0836261075

Administration - 0115777011

0800 22 23 76
011 577 7000 / 011 577 7040
031 301 9614
021 829 6391
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