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1. 315401001 – Air Traffic Controller (Specialisation: VTS Supervisor including 1 part qualification for VTS Operator)
2. 315301000 – Aircraft Navigator (Specialisation: Aids to Navigation Manager)
3. 718909000 – Lighthouse Keeper (Specialisation: Aids to Navigation Technician)
4. 134907001 – Harbour / Airport Manager (Specialisation: Maritime Search and Rescue Co-ordinator including 1part qualification for Maritime Search and Rescue Co-ordinator Assistant)
5. 684101000 – Diver (Specialisation: Commercial Diver)
6. 143907000 – Dock Master
7. 315101002 – Ship’s Engineer (Specialisation: Electro Technical Officer including part qualification for Electro Technical Rating)
Note: The part qualifications for Ship’s Master and the contributions to the Efficient Cook qualifications are being addressed through a parallel process
The Specialisation referred to the occupational title that will be used in future once approval has been obtained from the DHET OFO committee. These are attached together with the guidelines for public verification; your engagement and review comments will be highly appreciated and should be submitted on or before 3 August 2016. All feedback to be sent through to Edward Pines at with the following in copy,, We have concluded the development of the Occupational Profiles during workshops held on 24-25 June and 4-5 July 2016, in consultation with the nominated CEP working group members. In accordance with the QCTO process for occupational qualifications development, various public verification processes need to be observed which will includes the opportunity for stakeholders to provide comment or input on the Occupational Profiles that have been developed by the various working group members and Communities of Expert Practitioners (CEPs). The authenticity and credibility of the process depend heavily on broader participation and we would highly appreciate it if you could send the attached documents on to your contacts for their input too (if you do, please place me in copy,

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Request for public comments on the developed Occupational Qualifications
Provider Status Change
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