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Open Conversation with Ms Maphefo Anno-Frempong – CEO of TETA
Maphefo Anno-Frempong is the Chief Executive Officer of the Transport, Education and Training Authority (TETA) for the past 7 years. She knows that leadership is quite complex, but she loves her role and has embraced both the rewards and challenges of the position.

Current activities and main functions of TETA
TETA is the primary skills development and training authority in the transportation industry that also acts as an intermediary between fund allocations, participating organisations and accredited service providers. TETA identifies skills shortages, challenges and opportunities through its research and the submission of a sector skills plan. This allows the institution to plan, strategize and execute key initiatives that address problem areas. TETA has a database of accredited service providers, serves as quality assurer by certifying learners who completed their training, and distribute grants to deserving organisations.

What are some of the major successes of TETA?
Today, TETA is seen as key in leveling the ground for provision of training, funds distribution and accreditation of providers, as well as maintaining its status of being the respectable driving force behind the growth and development of the transportation industry.
Another major success is the establishment of a National Certificate Vocational in Transport, in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education, which is now being taught in 8 colleges across South Africa. This was achieved through career guidance intervention days that conducted with Grade 09 to 12. The introduction of the certificate programme exposed candidates to transport related careers and with the help of private and public entities, practical skills are now obtained at some of the companies that are within TETA scope to assist when entering employment. TETA’s partnership with the South African Graduates Agency (SAGDA) is one of the milestones worthy to be celebrated. With this partnership TETA has committed to assist in the placement of 1000 graduates per year to work places within the sector and other sectors to ensure that graduates gain the necessary work experience needed to improve their employability.
TETA is also contributing to the skills development of those employees that are currently occupying management and middle management positions with an interest to grow into senior leadership positions. The International Leadership Development Programme is one of those instruments that TETA is currently using successfully to ensure that this goal is achieved. Since 2012 to date, more than 40 participants have gone through the programme and already some have received promotions in their workplaces. The programme has a unique value add in that the participants get exposed to international operations relating to Supply Chain Management and are the certification is internationally recognized at NQF level 08 which is done in collaboration with companies from Netherlands. Further to this, The Wits Business School trains and equips the participants through the leadership development course which is also at NQF level 08.
One other project that is off significance to TETA, the sector and the country as a whole is the Adopt a School Project. This is where TETA partners with the Premier’s Offices, Provincial Departments of Education and the respective schools to identify the schools needing support and those that are deserving of additional support to ensure improved results as well as create the necessary awareness to transport related qualifications.

What management strategy guides your organisation?
The sector skills plan (SSP) is one of the strategic documents that we use as the basis for our overall strategic planning. This document helps us understand the needs and the gaps in the industry as it is a research component that also advises the organisation of the industry skills needs. The second strategic document that we use within the organisation is the “Strategic Plan” which is TETA’s plan for a period of five years. This document gets reviewed annually to ensure proper alignment and relevance to the needs of the sector. Thirdly we further develop an Annual Performance Plan linked to the Strategic Plan but relevant to the specific year circle. The APP we then use as one of the measuring tools for our performance in a specific year circle together with measuring tools.

What is your work/life philosophy?
I believe we are all given gifts, and like the book of Proverbs says – “if we nurture and grow these gifts they can open doors.” At TETA, I am given the unique opportunity to nurture and develop the talent of those around me and truly make a difference in the lives of employees and future stakeholders.

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