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Provider Details

Provider NameAldabri 106 Institute for Quality Pty Ltd
Provider accreditation noTETA06-105
Start date2018/04/05
End date2020/03/31
Accreditation statusAccredited
Accreditation TypeEducation and Training
Contact number0313045050
E-mail address quality@iqetd
SDL NumberL520745235
Physical Address43-45 Goldman Street
Postal AddressP O Box 2781

Unit Standards
Unit Std CodeUnit Std DescriptionCreditsLearning Type
11803 Apply basic written and oral communication skills 10Core
8962 Maintain and adapt oral communication5Fundamental
12444 Measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities and explore, describe and represent geometrical relationships in 2-dimensions in different life or workplace contexts3Fundamental
11395 Evaluate and select Seafreight Carriers and Agents7Core
11397 Pack, mark, document and handle Export General Non-Hazardous Cargo (Surface)5Elective
11413 Apply an understanding of basic Transport Principles to International Trade7Elective
7784 Communicate in a business environment6Fundamental
7821 Develop self within the job role3Fundamental
7789 Provide Customer Service8Fundamental
11225 Frame and submit applications for Motor Industry Development Programme claims10Elective

Learnership CodeLearnership TitleCredit ValueNQF Level
23Q230026461303National Certificate: Business Administration Services120Level 3
23Q230032541404Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services 140Level 4
23Q230073921625National Certificate: Generic Management 162Level 5
23Q230074261504Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management150Level 4
26Q260008321353National Certificate in Freight Forwarding Level 3155Level 3
26Q260011152405Learnership in Freight Handling Logistics Level 5240Level 5
26Q260023241333Learnership in Road Transport Level 3133Level 3
26Q260025301343National Certificate: Customs Clearance: Forwarding and Clearing Level 3134Level 3
26Q260027271282National Certificate: International Trade Level 2128Level 2
26Q260037261394Further Education and Training Certificate: Shipping Level 4138Level 4

Qualification DescriptionQualification CodeTotal Credits
National Certificate: Customs Clearing  22441 145
National Certificate: Freight Forwarding  22443 136
National Certificate: International Trade  59326 131
National Certificate: Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance  59365 130
National Diploma: Freight Handling Logistics  58473 242
National Certificate: Freight Handling 57831 128
National Certificate: Generic Management 59201 162
Further Education and Training Certificate: Shipping  49155 138
Further Education and Training Certificate: Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance  59298 135
General Education and Training Certificate: Transport  59300 120

TitleNameMiddle NamesSurnameBusiness Phone No Cell NoFax NoEMailSDL NoAssessor Status
Mr Gary  Robertson  0865149341 L520745235Registered
Mr Gary  Robertson  0865149341 L520745235Registered
Mr Malibongwe  Mabaso 083 635 8016  L520745235Registered
Ms Neermala  Rajagopal 083 230 45410313058797 L520745235Registered
Mr Patchappen  Naidoo  0313058797 L520745235Registered
Mr Patchappen  Naidoo  0313058797 L520745235Registered
Mr Patchappen  Naidoo  0313058797 L520745235Registered
Mr Patchappen  Naidoo  0313058797 L520745235Registered
Mr Patchappen  Naidoo  0313058797 L520745235Registered
Mr Patchappen  Naidoo  0313058797 L520745235Registered
Ms Simone  Naidoo031304505007381816500862125555 L520745235Registered
Miss Tholsiavellie SocklingumNaicker   0313058797 L520745235Registered

TitleNameMiddle NamesSurnameBusiness Phone NoCell NoFax NoEMailSDL NoModerator Status
Mr Patchappen  Naidoo  0313058797 L520745235Active
Miss Tholsiavellie SocklingumNaicker   0313058797 L520745235Registered
Mrs Trishan  Naicker  0313058797 L520745235Registered

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