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Gauteng (HO) 011 577 7000 / 011 577 7040
Kwazulu Natal 031 301 9614
Cape Town 021 531 3064

Provider Details

Provider NameSouth African Weather Service
Provider accreditation noTETA09-128
Start date2015/05/14
End date2018/03/31
Accreditation statusAccredited
Accreditation TypeEducation and Training
Contact number0123676000
E-mail address
SDL NumberX000000288
Physical Address422 Rigel Avenue South Africa
Postal AddressP. Bag X097

Unit Standards
Unit Std CodeUnit Std DescriptionCreditsLearning Type
10301 Complete a research assignment20Core
246531 Identify and explain the formation of clouds and associated precipitation types18Core
246537 Explain basic meteorological concepts10Core
246539 Analyse basic meteorological circulations15Core
246541 Code and decode meteorological messages18Core
246532 Install, use and maintain automatic weather stations (AWS)10Elective
246536 Conduct and interpret upper air observation data6Elective
246538 Manage and maintain an operational weather station16Elective
115789 Sustain oral interaction across a wide range of contexts and critically evaluate spoken texts5Fundamental
115792 Access, process, adapt and use data from a wide range of texts5Fundamental

Learnership CodeLearnership TitleCredit ValueNQF Level
26q260086111305National Certificate: Weather Observation Level 5130Level 5

Qualification DescriptionQualification CodeTotal Credits
National Certificate: Weather Observation  58995 130

TitleNameMiddle NamesSurnameBusiness Phone No Cell NoFax NoEMailSDL NoAssessor Status
Ms Colleen NicoleRae  0123676275 X000000288Registered
Mr Dikobote Aubrey AmosMakhutle(012) 367- 6000071 387 3159 X000000288Registered
Mr Jan HendrikStander  0123676275 X000000288Registered
Mrs Lee-Ann  Simpson 082 253 4023 X000000288Registered
Mr Rydall BrendonJardine(012) 665- 1589083 651 7148  rydall.jardine@weathersa.coza X000000288Registered
Ms Shine LithakaziMkatshwa(011) 760- 4251012 367 6140 X000000288Registered
Dr Winifred  Jordaan  0123676316 X000000288Registered

TitleNameMiddle NamesSurnameBusiness Phone NoCell NoFax NoEMailSDL NoModerator Status
Mr Jan HendrikStander  0123676275 X000000288Registered
Ms Shine LithakaziMkatshwa(011) 760- 4251012 367 6140 X000000288Registered
Dr Winifred  Jordaan  0123676316 X000000288Registered

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