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Provider Details

Provider NameSchool of Rail: Port Elizabeth
Provider accreditation noTETA06-153
Start date2017/02/01
End date2020/03/31
Accreditation statusAccredited
Accreditation TypeEducation and Training
Contact number(011) 929 1245
E-mail address
SDL NumberX000000379
Physical AddressInchcape Road
 Port Elizabeth
Postal AddressP O Box 15001

Unit Standards
Unit Std CodeUnit Std DescriptionCreditsLearning Type
14522 Analyse and explain the impact of one`s personal interactive style on one`s relationship with a client6Fundamental
14607 Utilise semaphore signals/indicators for rail movement on single lines8Core
14608 Utilise pilot working of train control for safe movement on rail2Elective
14611 Utilise colour-light signalling for rail movement18Core
14622 Utilise telegraph order system for safe movement on rail5Elective
14623 Afford on-track protection5Elective
14641 Compile trains (harzadous and non-hazardous material)12Elective
14668 Utilise the radio train order system of train control for safe movement on rail3Elective
14671 Utilise track warrant system of train control for safe movement on rail5Elective
230401 Operate electric/diesel locomotive 38 class series including all upgrades24Elective

No Learnerships available

Qualification DescriptionQualification CodeTotal Credits
National Diploma: Train Driving (Mainline Operations)  57407 240

TitleNameMiddle NamesSurnameBusiness Phone No Cell NoFax NoEMailSDL NoAssessor Status
Mr Albert JohnMyburgh  0415072004 X000000379Registered
  Andrew RegionaldNkuna  0415072004 X000000379Registered
Mr Jacobus WilliamArends041 507200308356516770865668306 X000000379Registered
Mr Ruben PetrusDe Lange  0119291306 X000000379Registered
Mr Smit JohannesWindvogel0119291761 X000000379Registered

TitleNameMiddle NamesSurnameBusiness Phone NoCell NoFax NoEMailSDL NoModerator Status
  Andrew RegionaldNkuna  0415072004 X000000379Registered
Ms Nosipho  Skosana 073-657-8404 X000000379Registered

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