LATEST NEWS : . Vision: To be at the “Heart of Skills Innovation” in the Transport Sector      Mission: 'We provide an innovative Quality Assurance and Skills Development Framework by our motivated competent people, in a cost effective manner to exceed stakeholder/government SLA and requirements'.     Driving Force: 'Together with enthusiasm and trust we accelerate and advance skills development'.  
FRAUD HOTLINE 0800 22 23 76
Gauteng (HO) 011 577 7000 / 011 577 7040
Kwazulu Natal 031 301 9614
Cape Town 021 531 3064

Moderators List

SurnameNameModerator Reg No.Unit Standard IDQual ID
ProvinceApplication Type

TitleNameSurnameModerator Number
Mr Petrus StrydomTETA-MODR09-174
Mr Aarif LeanderTETA-MODR18-127
Mr Aaron JosephTETA-MODR15-61
Mr Abdool MoosaTETA-MODR12-108
Mr Abraham CoetzeeTETA-MODR13-49
Mr Abraham RossouwTETA-MODR12-223
Mr Abraham WieseTETA-MODR16-206
Mr Abram TshabalalaTETA-MODR18-112
Mr Abre Van BuurenTETA-MODR09-303
Mr Absalom WillemseTETA-MODR14-176
Mr Adam BarnardTETA-MODR17-104
Mr Adrian BlaineTETA-MODR13-222
Mr Adrian PetersonTETA-MODR18-48
Mrs Agnes Batsirai MachakaireTETA-MODR17-137
Mr Ahmed PatelTETA-MODR17-213
Mr Albert MathinaTETA-MODR14-175
Mr Albertus BrummerTETA-MODR07-050
Mr Aldin VercuilTETA-MODR18-121
Ms Alettha HendriksTETA-MODR12-141
Mr Alex Op’T HofTETA-MODR17-156
Mr Alexander RobertsonTETA-MODR12-161
Mr Alfred VercueilTETA-MODR13-242
Ms Alisha StruwigTETA-MODR09-263
Mr Allan Liston TETA-MODR06-933
Mr Allister AlexanderTETA-MODR15-14
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