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Moderator Details

Moderator nameCompton
Moderator registration no.TETA-MODR08-056
Start date8/18/2017
End date8/17/2020
Registration statusRegistered
Application typeTraining Provider Moderator
Contact number021 703 8911
Cell number073 587 3435
E-mail address
ProvinceWestern Cape

Qualification CodeQualification
48535 National Certificate: Maritime Operations 
58433 National Certificate: Fishing Operations 

Unit Standard CodeUnit Standard
242986 Accept and process dangerous goods for transportation by air
119463 Access and use information from texts
119472 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication
252268 Accredit customs clearing clients
243998 Adjust and position crayfish traps
113990 Adjust and position nets
113984 Adjust and position trawls
252265 Administer foreign exchange transactions in an international trading company
252254 Analyse and solve complex customs tariff classification problems
254154 Apply advanced techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles in on-road and off-road conditions
8000 Apply basic business principles
9009 Apply basic knowledge of statistics and probability to influence the use of data and procedures in order to investigate life related problems
252250 Apply fire fighting techniques
9964 Apply health and safety to a work area
252257 Apply international trade systems, policies and procedures
114941 Apply knowledge of HIV/AIDS to a specific business sector and a workplace
120020 Apply knowledge of insurance to the transportation of a consignment of goods
9015 Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems
113852 Apply occupational health, safety and environmental principles
113999 Apply seamanship skills and techniques when operating a small vessel
120128 Apply the law of contract to insurance
254135 Apply the techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, in on-road and off-road conditions
113983 Apply weather information when navigating a small vessel
252243 Arrange and administer insurance of goods in transit
113981 Arrange and complete lifts on site using lifting equipment

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