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Moderator Details

Moderator nameCoenraad
Moderator registration no.TETA-MODR09-133
Start date11/14/2012
End date11/14/2015
Registration statusRegistered
Application type 
Contact number 
Cell number0833893634
ProvinceWestern Cape

No Qualifications available

Unit Standard CodeUnit Standard
14641 Compile trains (harzadous and non-hazardous material)
264384 Execute train movement procedures
243276 Manage the transportation of mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP)
12417 Measure, estimate & calculate physical quantities & explore, critique & prove geometrical relationships in 2 and 3 dimensional space in the life and workplace of adult with increasing responsibilities
256195 Operate a diesel locomotive
123253 Operate a rigid heavy vehicle
123257 Operate a rigid light vehicle
123254 Operate a vehicle combination
116583 Perform tandem lifting
264338 Shunt rail vehicles
12481 Sling loads
264372 Utilise colour-light signalling for rail movement
262448 Utilise fixed and temporary trackside indicators for rail movement
264418 Utilise pilot working for safe movement on rail
264378 Utilise semaphore signals for rail movement on double lines
264381 Utilise semaphore signals for rail movement on single lines
264401 Utilise telegraph order system for safe movement on rail
264394 Utilise the wooden train staff system of train control for safe movement on rail
264399 Utilise Van Schoor method of train control for safe movement on rail

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