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Moderator Details

Moderator nameFritz
Moderator registration no.TETA-MODR13-121
Start date2015/12/02
End date2018/03/31
Registration statusRegistered
Application typePrivate Moderator
Contact number(031) 201 1260
Cell number071 0800 572
E-mail address

No Qualifications available

Unit Standard CodeUnit Standard
8022 Allocating freight for packaging and grouping
114272 Analyse complaints and reports relating to referred disputes and select appropriate resolution process
113836 Apply basic computer technology
15234 Apply efficient time management to the work of a department/division/section
120308 Apply knowledge of self in order to make a personal decision
335800 Apply professional values and ethics in the operational environment
252037 Build teams to achieve goals and objectives
113848 Conduct fault finding and organise maintenance repairs
8025 Controlling and locating stock
14001 Demonstrate an understanding of managerial expertise and administrative capabilities
14656 Demonstrate an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS
336699 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of marketing
9010 Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculations
13915 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace, and its effects on a business sub-sector, own organisation and a specific workplace
243664 Demonstrate safe behaviour as a road user
13945 Describe and apply the management of stock and fixed assets in a business unit
242875 Describe basic freight logistic principles
15219 Develop and implement a strategy and action plans for a team, department or division
336742 Develop and implement optimal inventory strategies
15224 Empower team members through recognising strengths, encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks
252279 Explain occupational health and safety within the transport industry
242813 Explain the contribution made by own area of responsibility to the overall organisational strategy
119631 Explore and use a variety of strategies to learn
117833 Handle a crime situation
13994 Identify and discuss different types of business and their legal implications

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