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Moderator Details

Moderator nameIsmail
Moderator registration no.TETA-MODR08-095
Start date2/20/2013
End date2/20/2016
Registration statusRegistered
Application typePrivate Moderator
Contact number 
Cell number 
E-mail address
ProvinceEastern Cape

No Qualifications available

Unit Standard CodeUnit Standard
14048 Apply Self Management Concepts
119031 Assess and analyse an incident
14144 Assessing and using data, and liasing with relevant stakeholders to ensure required resources are in place for a disaster
119040 Conduct a debriefing meeting
123259 Convey dangerous goods by road
119034 Develop an incident management plan
119043 Establish and manage a joint management team
119037 Establish incident management
119032 Identify and deal with dangerous goods
15225 Identify and interpret related legislation and its impact on the team, department or division and ensure compliance
119033 Implement an Incident Management Plan
9224 Implement policies regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace
114226 Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace
119035 Isolate and secure a scene 
116235 Operate a pendant controlled overhead crane
123257 Operate a rigid light vehicle
242972 Operate advanced defined purpose lift trucks
242974 Operate counter-balanced lift truck
242981 Operate defined purpose lift trucks
14609 Participate in management of conflict
116787 Plan, monitor and control the financial resources for a small company or business unit
119038 Preserve evidence on a scene
119036 Provide support structure
119039 Set up sectors

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