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Gauteng (HO) 011 577 7000 / 011 577 7040
Kwazulu Natal 031 301 9614
Cape Town 021 531 3064

Assessors List

SurnameNameAssessor Reg No.Unit standardQual
ProvinceApplication Type

TitleNameSurnameAssessor Number
Mr Barney LalooTETA-ASSR14-262
Mr Carelo GagianoTETA-ASSR15-130
Mr Moleleki Jim MotsoeliTETA-ASSR15-186
Mr Petrus StrydomTETA-ASSR07-1115
Mr Reuben Lubisi TETA-ASSR14-448
Mr Robert LodderTETA-ASSR12-221
Mr Aaron ChilizaTETA-ASSR13-298
Mr Aaron JosephTETA-ASSR15-152
Mr Abdool MoosaTETA-ASSR03-110
Mr Abdulla MoeratTETA-ASSR09-2321
Mr Abduraghiem SalieTETA-ASSR15-176
Mr Abdus Abdool KadarTETA-ASSR08-1793
Mr Abednigo Makhene TETA-ASSR06-1024
Mr Abednigo MpaneTETA-ASSR15-111
Mr Abel MokatiTETA-ASSR10-2734
Mr Abel HeymanTETA-ASSR14-218
Mr Abigail MooketsiTETA-ASSR14-42
Mr Abraham SmallTETA-ASSR13-596
Mr Abraham BengellTETA-ASSR13-478
Mr Abraham KoenTETA-ASSR14-396
Mr Abraham EhlersTETA-ASSR14-337
Mr Abraham PhiriTETA-ASSR07-1097
Mr Abraham WieseTETA-ASSR09-2521
Mr Abraham Masango TETA-ASSR08-1454
Mr Abraham Khunyana MalindiTETA-ASSR11-89
Mr Abram CoetzeeTETA-ASSR12-657
Mr Abram SmithTETA-ASSR12-541
Mr Abram NaaneTETA-ASSR15-1
Mr Abre Van BuurenTETA-ASSR09-2138
Mr Absalom WillemseTETA-ASSR14-411
Mr Achmat IsmailTETA-ASSR15-361
Mr Adam BasiTETA-ASSR15-508
Mr Adam Deker StadlerTETA-ASSR15-517
Ms Adolphina LebokoTETA-ASSR16-187
Mrs Adre Du ToitTETA-ASSR13-454
Mr Adriaan VosserTETA-ASSR13-474
Mr Adriaan ErasmusTETA-ASSR14-248
Mr Adriaan EtsebethTETA-ASSR14-17
Mr Adriaan Le RouxTETA-ASSR14-444
Mr Adriaan HolscherTETA-ASSR15-324
Mr Adriaan Jacobus Du ToitTETA-ASSR14-359
Mr Adrian BlaineTETA-ASSR13-469
  Adrian Van Wyk TETA-ASSR07-1198
Dr Adriana StoneTETA-ASSR14-65
Mrs Agnes MongweTETA-ASSR14-225
Mr Ahmed PatelTETA-ASSR07-1132
Mr Aibekhotso MabangaTETA-ASSR16-192

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