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Assessor Details

Assessor nameSmit
Assessor registration no.TETA-ASSR09-2039
Start date9/29/2017
End date9/28/2020
Registration StatusRegistered
Aplication type 
Contact number0119291761
Cell number 
E-mail address
ProvinceWestern Cape

No Qualifications available

Unit Standard CodeUnit StandardLearning TypeNQF LevelCredit
14522 Analyse and explain the impact of one`s personal interactive style on one`s relationship with a client Fundamental56
230404 Apply road knowledge principles Core552
230420 Apply train dynamics and train handling Core58
8647 Apply workplace communication skills Fundamental510
14641 Compile trains (harzadous and non-hazardous material) Elective212
230410 Convey freight or passengers by rail Core557
8648 Demonstrate an understanding of professional values and ethics Fundamental54
230414 Inspect train load consist and test operation of train brake systems Core414
230402 Operate a train equipped with a vacuum brake system Core412
230407 Operate diesel electric locomotive class GM/GE including all upgrades Core524
230415 Operate electric locomotive series 14E including all upgrades Elective524
230421 Operate safely under/with high voltage equipment Core44
230418 Operate, and regulate the safe movement of locomotive/s Core410
14621 Perform crossing of trains Elective33
7866 Plan, organise and monitor work in own area of responsibility Fundamental53
120417 Understand the control of pests and waste materials as part of a food safety system Elective23
14611 Utilise colour-light signalling for rail movement Core418
14608 Utilise pilot working of train control for safe movement on rail Elective32
14594 Utilise semaphore signals/indicators for rail movement on double lines Core34
14607 Utilise semaphore signals/indicators for rail movement on single lines Core38
14622 Utilise telegraph order system for safe movement on rail Elective35
14668 Utilise the radio train order system of train control for safe movement on rail Elective33
14637 Utilise Van Schoor method of train control for safe movement on rail Elective35
14634 Utilise various fixed and temporary trackside indicators for rail movement Elective33
14670 Utilise wooden train staff system of train control for safe movement on rail Elective33

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