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Assessor Details

Assessor namePavlin
Assessor registration no.TETA-ASSR06-987
Start date9/4/2015
End date3/31/2018
Registration StatusRegistered
Aplication typeTraining Provider Assessor
Contact number0313607053
Cell number0824140000
E-mail address

Qualification CodeQualificationCreditsNQF Level
59300 General Education and Training Certificate: Transport  1201

Unit Standard CodeUnit StandardLearning TypeNQF LevelCredit
119472 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication Fundamental35
114272 Analyse complaints and reports relating to referred disputes and select appropriate resolution process Elective510
11409 Apply a knowledge and understanding of International Trade Documentation Core27
11406 Apply a knowledge of Basic Geographic Principles Core27
11413 Apply an understanding of basic Transport Principles to International Trade Elective27
8000 Apply basic business principles Elective39
11410 Apply basic concepts of Cargo Care Elective27
12891 Apply concepts and principles of business ethics in the professional environment Fundamental65
15137 Apply contract documentation Core510
114941 Apply knowledge of HIV/AIDS to a specific business sector and a workplace Core34
120308 Apply knowledge of self in order to make a personal decision Elective23
117685 Apply Maritime Geography Core44
14927 Apply problem solving strategies Core44
113909 Coach a team member in order to enhance individual performance in work environment Elective35
7784 Communicate in a business environment Fundamental46
9960 Communicate verbally and non-verbally in the workplace Fundamental38
10985 Conduct a disciplinary hearing Elective65
242816 Conduct a structured meeting Elective45
14353 Conduct basic financial transactions Elective23
10622 Conduct communication within a business environment Fundamental58
114891 Count stock for a stock-take Elective25
15231 Create and use a range of resources to effectively manage teams, sections, departments or divisions Core54
11412 Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of advanced Freight Forwarding Procedures, Processes and Systems Core27
11411 Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of elementary Freight Forwarding Procedures, Processes and Systems Elective27
11411 Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of elementary Freight Forwarding Procedures, Processes and Systems Elective27

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