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Assessor Details

Assessor nameMark
Assessor registration no.TETA-ASSR07-1378
Start date5/4/2016
End date3/31/2018
Registration StatusRegistered
Aplication typeTraining Provider Assessor
Contact number021 703 8911
Cell number071 676 4272
E-mail address
ProvinceWestern Cape

No Qualifications available

Unit Standard CodeUnit StandardLearning TypeNQF LevelCredit
119472 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication Fundamental35
113990 Adjust and position nets Elective34
113984 Adjust and position trawls Elective34
110075 Apply basic fire fighting techniques Elective13
252250 Apply fire fighting techniques Core13
9964 Apply health and safety to a work area Core23
113852 Apply occupational health, safety and environmental principles Elective310
113999 Apply seamanship skills and techniques when operating a small vessel Elective36
113983 Apply weather information when navigating a small vessel Elective36
113981 Arrange and complete lifts on site using lifting equipment Elective415
113989 Assist with the operation of main and auxiliary machinery and associated control systems Elective315
114007 Carry out basic service checks on small vessel marine propulsion system Elective26
114009 Carry out maritime communications Core33
113998 Carry out rigging operations on a vessel Core38
114001 Carry out safety, survival and emergency procedures Core39
114034 Carry out trawl net repair Elective310
114003 Carry out watch keeping duties in the engine room at sea and in port Elective315
113987 Carry out watch keeping operations in port Elective310
113996 Construct a fishing net for commercial fishing, while following a net plan Elective412
114002 Contribute to effective human relationships on board a vessel Core22
114011 Control and extinguish fire Core34
244001 Demonstrate an understanding of the Merchant Shipping Collision Regulations Elective33
9010 Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculations Fundamental32
113986 Demonstrate knowledge of environmental policies and legislation Core34
243986 Describe and apply fire prevention and fire fighting aboard ship Core23

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